even more internet

i think it’s officially time to stop checking xojane.com

jewelry i covet

you know, i think i should really put my money where my mouth is about being a “great biker” and just bike to school next week. walk the walk and talk the talk too. my students will see me sweaty but they will know that sweat came from SACRIFICE.

i am so scared about the first day of school : ?

i’m really all about belle & sebastian right now. did i miss the boat on this one or WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


this would be an interesting thing to break no buy for
favorite quotes from the age of innocence

"if we don’t all stand together, they’ll be no such thing as Society left" (51)

"may’s pressure was already bearing on the very angles whose sharpness he most wanted to keep" (203)

"the young man was sincerely but placidly in love. he delighted in the radiant good looks of his betrothed, in her health, her horsemanship, her grace and quickness at games, and in the shy interest in books and ideas that she was beginning to develop under his guidance" (46)

I'm in Loss Angeles. Super lame. When are we going yuppie watching in Greenpoint? I want to touch a cloud, but I know that's not realistic. In lieu of touching a cloud, my new life goal is to see a cloud. Some times you have to aim low.

uhh katzban when you are not in loss angeles we will hang out in green point. when you back in nyc?

all-about-ken-diary today it seems

heartwarming yet confusing experience today:

biking through bedstuy and having a rider on my left pull up closer and say: “hey, aren’t you ken’s boyfriend? - i mean girlfriend?” and bike away.